Crop Consulting

Agriculture has been one of the cornerstones of civilization since the beginning of recorded history. So why would it be necessary or advantageous to use Northern UAV to report on your crop producing fields today? You would be right to ask us this, and we are thrilled to answer this question. There are several reasons why you should use Northern UAV to report on your fields.

Financial Advantage:

Since the 70’s, commodity prices on common crops have barely increased while the cost to operate a farm has skyrocketed tremendously. You have to raise and harvest as many bushels per acre from as many acres as possible in order to have a successful year. Although the economies of scale can lead to respectable profitability, inefficiencies and waste increase will scale along with your operations. Many family farms have been forced out of business because of this. Through the use of Northern UAV’s reporting from the Growers’ line of services, the inefficiencies and waste are rooted out, allowing you to make timely strategic decisions to control your costs. Savings may vary based on the size of your farm, but we guarantee we will show you a return on investment with our Growers’ line of services.

Food Supply:

The world’s population is expected to increase by 50% over the next thirty years. More food will need to be grown and harvested from the same amount of arable land. Doing this will involve controlling crop growth throughout the growing season, as well as managing issues and incidents proactively to reduce crop failures. This sort of active management won’t be possible without timely, accurate information that can scale. Northern UAV’s Growers’ line of services are designed to help you achieve a state of advanced food production by providing growers with hyper accurate and timely reporting on the evolving state of their fields.
Environmental Impact:

Industrial grade farming requires the frequent use of nitrogen and ammonium based fertilizers. When pooled and concentrated, they runoff and damage the ecosystem downstream. Although fertilizer is necessary for growing crops, its high financial cost aside, heavy use of these chemicals are harmful to the environment. Through the use of targeted applications, facilitated by the Growers’ line of reporting services, the foot print caused by heavy fertilizer use on the surrounding environment can be reduced.